REALVIZ ImageModeler v4.02

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REALVIZ ImageModeler v4.02

مُساهمة  ihab في الأحد نوفمبر 11, 2007 10:43 am

REALVIZ ImageModeler v4.02

ImageModeler allows to measure and create photo-textured 3D objects from multiple photographs taken all around the objects.

ImageModeler is an "Object Creator" which takes as an assumption that you turn around the object when taking the pictures. Multiple images (more than 2) are needed as input (no panorama). 2D to 3D calibration is based on photogrammetry algorithms using a feature matching technique, which gives very accurate results. 3D measurement tools are also provided. Poygonal modeling is based on a set of conventional primitives and editing tools. Photo texturing is automatic by extracting the texture maps from the pixel information from the original pictures. Exports can be of different types, including Maya, 3DS, DWG, Lightwave, Softimage, OBJ, WRML, Google Earth... ...part1.rar.html ...part2.rar.html ...part3.rar.html



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